ALBUM REVIEW: Yellowcard – Yellowcard

Well, this is the final outing for a beloved rock band. YELLOWCARD are the act that are bowing out with a last record that showcases emotion. And their self-titled album is a goodbye but it isn’t the end of the band member’s musical endeavours.

They’ll go on to create, we’re all sure of that, as they can’t just put their instruments down and dismiss the beauty of making music. The band have created some of the most infectious rock music. They have become a staple for many lovers and the disengaged, people that have classed their sound as some sort of remedy. And it must be a great feeling for the act, as they’ve been there to support the disenchanted.

YELLOWCARD have also released an array of emotive ballads and hard-hitting rock charms. Songs like Ocean Avenue which catapulted the band to a commanding platform. A platform they’ve been on for many years. And Ryan Key is the leader of the decorated rock act. He’s the powerhouse behind the microphone, bellowing and gracing his courageous voice. He truly has written some of the most empowering and powerful beats, masterminding the art of the wordsmith. But, the rest of the band will never go unnoticed. Their true ingenuity and class has geared YELLOWCARD to the heights of prominence.

The self-titled album isn’t a departure. It still has those arresting ballads to suit the subtle ones. It also contains guitar driven contributions, that keep the heart pumping and the ears tingling. The album flickers into life with Rest In Peace. It begins with a guitar line that adds a sense of flair. Key peppers the song with his commanding vocals. It’s a memorable start. Leave A Light On is piano influenced ballad. Key sings with emotion bubbling inside his heart, marking the album with lyrics that strike a chord. He begs someone to come home, as he/she has slid off the grid. Saviours Rose is infectious. The lure of guitars will keep the seekers interested, as well as the powerful drumbeat. The song then falls straight into a state of alert, as the instruments take over. Key sings with authority.

YELLOWCARD bow out with a record that is a great musical supplement. It is sad to see them go.

Rating: 8/10

Yellowcard - Yellowcard


Yellowcard is out now via Hopeless Records. 

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