EP REVIEW: False Awakening – Deference

Southampton band DEFERENCE build their music on guts and enthralling guitar lines powered by intricacy and emphatic energy. Their sound hits like a speeding motorbike, the gears burning, the eyes of driver watering, and the carnage inevitable. And the act are back with a new EP called False Awakening.

It’s a dark contribution layered with raw lyricism, loud instrumentals and blood curdling vocals. And the screams don’t smother the goodness, as there’s enough clean vocals to appeal to the newcomers. Also, the heart of the music is safe from pointless growls, with there being enough to just tickle the edge. It may not allure or pull in the purists, but it will entertain and meet the needs.

The band are certainly talented and competent. Pushing forward with verve and imagination, scraping by the normal routine, adding a mix of loudness and honesty. This is found is such songs as Insomnia and Departure, both creative and blistering, powerful and raw, with the instrumentals towering over. The technical guitar lines have been mastered, constructed with tone and measure, brewed up like a spell in the deepest of cauldrons.

There’s no let up on this record. It powers on, and the band have to be applauded for their work and dedication. Not everyone will get the opus on first listen, but when it hits and develops, it will draw you in to a world of harsh vibes and compelling workmanship.

Rating: 8/10

False Awakening - Deference

False Awakening is out now via self-release. 

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