EP REVIEW: Hundred Waves – Servant Sun

Glaswegian alternative rockers SERVANT SUN are about to become a force to be reckoned with following the release of their EP, Hundred Waves.

Hundred Waves, which is due out on the 15th April, is the band’s second self-released EP and a true testament to SERVANT SUN’s growing ability to contrive somewhat lengthy, yet incredibly catchy and attention grabbing songs.

SERVANT SUN have only been around for two years, but in that short amount of time they have been making a name for themselves, particularly from touring with NOTHING MORE, ZOAX and EXIST IMMORTAL to name a few.

However it’s the band’s hypnotic melodies combined with their sporadic heavy moments, akin to the likes of DEFTONES and INCUBUS which has helped them gain their notoriety.

The EP starts with the title track, Hundred Waves, which instantly has similarities of Scottish counterpart BIFFY CLYRO’s earlier music, as demonstrated by the jagged guitars and offbeat drumming. The soothing vocals provided by singer Andrew Macdonald restore the equilibrium from the gut-wrenching screams and chugging distorted guitars. The six minute track is an odyssey in itself, weaving in and out of harmonious tranquility and brutality without it sounding too much of a mismatch and maintaining its catchiness.

Misgiver opens in a dominant manner, combining laid back drumming and backing instrumentation with a Mark Tremonti-esque rapid-fire staccato riff. It’s an instant attention grabber, and holding back the intensity levels of SERVANT SUN’s usual progressiveness helps Misgiver to thrive and not get caught up in an overhaul of desultory playing.

Following from Misgiver is Taste Of Silver and from the get-go, there is a shift in pace. The intro sounds soulful, with minor R’n’B tendencies. However, this then transcends to haunting vocals alongside stomping guitars, which give the track an essence of a marriage between prog metal legends TOOL, with the upbeat nature of prog rock titans COHEED AND CAMBRIA. Taste Of Silver is without a doubt the heaviest track on the EP and the powerful screaming vocals, teamed up with crushing guitar chords pave the way before the song stampedes into overdrive. This is the track which will garner the attention of fans watching SERVANT SUN live.

Finishing off Hundred Waves in style is Cold House Collapse, and the instrumental is in a similar vein to prog pioneer John Petrucci’s guitar-driven track Glasgow Kiss. Cold House Collapse is a track which brings the EP to its logical conclusion. It encapsulates the greatest components of SERVANT SUN all in one track and it is executed perfectly. The breakdown in the track is one of the highlights of the EP as a whole, it is brutal and headbang worthy, and is guaranteed to be repeating in your head all day long.

SERVANT SUN have truly outdone themselves with the creation of Hundred Waves. It is an ingenious four-track EP which will in no time see the Scottish five-piece take the progressive scene by storm.

Rating: 8/10

Servant Sun

Hundred Waves is set for release on April 15th via self release.

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