EP REVIEW: The Beautiful Ones – Tiberius

Edinburgh progressive metal outfit TIBERIUS are due to release their most recent offering in the form of a four track EP entitled The Beautiful Ones on 20th May via their own Bandcamp and after recent support slots to TWELVE FOOT NINJA and GALACTIC EMPIRE they are proving why they are one of the bands to keep an eye on in the thriving Scottish metal scene.

Their overall sound provides a lot of intrigue combining a range of captivating elements to great effect such as the rapidly intricate dual guitar work of PROTEST THE HERO combined with the powerfully intense vocals of IRON MAIDEN and the chest pumping power metal grandiosity of PRIMAL FEAR as they abandon the predictable mechanics of song structure of intro, verse, chorus etc and take an engrossing approach which has the feel of a continual prose as if they are trying to explain a story which results in a very fascinating musical arrangement.

The tracks on display make it quickly evident that TIBERIUS are a band that are not afraid to get experimental with their sound especially with the big hurrah to conclude the EP with the inclusion of a brass band instruments on title track The Beautiful Ones. Alongside the quirky, unpredictable riffs throughout the frantic and irregular drumming patterns utilised keep you gripped. The only criticism that becomes apparent as you progress through The Beautiful Ones is that the dual layered vocals which add a further glorious element of melody when the harmonies are combined with soaring falsetto accompaniments soon become a little too predictable and detract from its initial allure.

The essence of an EP is to ensure you utilise every second to its utmost potential with the limited array of songs on display and TIBERIUS have packed this release to the brim with riffs so that it almost resembles a bellowing suitcase ready to burst and the band brilliantly keep you engrossed with their fresh sound and inviting change of pace throughout The Beautiful Ones.

Rating: 8/10

The Beautiful Ones - Tiberius

The Beautiful Ones will be available on May 20th via self-release.

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