Exhumed ‘Necrocracy’ Album Review

For a band like Exhumed who’s career has spanned an impressive 23 years new studio records can often be difficult to bring something new to the table. By then a band’s sound has been firmly established and often new releases just tend to grind down the same formula. Two years on from 2011’s ‘All Guts No Glory’ Exhumed are back with their brand new studio record entitled ‘Necrocracy’. Does this new album grind the same formula we’ve come to expect or does it offer some delight for the death metal community?

A major strong point of ‘Necrocracy’ is the incredible musicianship to be found on this record. Exhumed’s blend of grindcore and death metal is stronger than ever on this record, through pummeling riffs that encourage serious cases of whiplash and excellent solos that showcase Exhumed’s talent. Unlike most bands associated with grindcore that just stick to the traditional formula Exhumed’s blend creates something truly unique here. For example tracks like ‘Necrocracy’ and ‘(So Passes) The Glory of Death’ are prime examples of the formula done perfectly; note slick riffs accompanied by excellent drumming and solo work.

Whilst commonly on most grindcore records that feature around 30 quick fire, adrenaline surging tracks ‘Necrocracy’ balances time structure brilliantly. Sticking to the average four minute duration it gives each track plenty of time to be enjoyed to maximum effect. It also allows the album to flow nicely, for example ‘Dysmorphic’ features a brilliant diversity of pace, easing the carnage for a short duration to then unleash back into a ferocious riff accompanied with easily the best solo on the record. This really allows each member of the band to showcase their talent. However the real noticeable improvement here is Matt Harvey’s vocal work, his range of high and low growls have improved greatly and ‘Necrocracy’ is easily his best work to date.

Production wise, ‘Necrocracy’ excels on this front as well. Unlike earlier releases the production on ‘Necrocracy’ is simply fantastic allowing a truly devastatingly immersive listening experience. Exhumed have really outdone themselves with ‘Necrocracy’, making it easily one of the most enjoyable yet incredibly heavy albums of the year and will only further boost their popularity in the death metal scene.