Five Finger Death Punch ON STAGE MELTDOWN


WORDS: Jack Fermor-Worrell

American metallers Five Finger Death Punch caused a huge stir recently when they seemingly appeared to break-up onstage – halfway through a gig.

According to reports from Blabbermouth, the band’s show at Tennessee’s Beale Street Music Festival took a turn for the strange, as a visible argument seemed to break out between frontman Ivan Moody and drummer Jeremy Spencer, eventually resulting in the band leaving the stage after just six songs. Moody then attempted to entertain the crowd on his own, trying to lead them through a song on Spencer’s drumkit with little success. The rest of the band returned and departed several times, playing out of time with each other and out of tune, before eventually leaving for good.

Moody later issued a statement via Facebook, blaming the incident on technical problems and stressing that the band had not broken up, finishing with:

“To some of our crew, good luck in your future endeavours we wish you the best – we also welcome our new monitor engineer Paul Weber… And to the haters… wipe that smirk off your face …We are not going anywhere … This “ain’t my last dance!”


Footage from the incident can be viewed below: