Half Sight release new video for ‘The Greater Good’

Melodic hardcore quintet HALF SIGHT have released a brand new music video!

Titled The Greater Good, the video is for the second single from the band’s upcoming debut album titled Rhetoric which is set for release later this month! It has been over a year since the band has released new music, the first single for Rhetoric was released back in July 2015!

Watch the official video for The Greater Good here:

Speaking about the single and the upcoming album, bassist John Scholefield says, “This is the first music video where we have included a concept and a narrative and we are really happy with how the vision that we had for it has come together.  The narrative touches on a lot of the different themes in the whole of the album, rather than just this one song.  We prefer to let people interpret their own meaning from the video, but the overarching theme is the way in which choices are made. The track itself is one of the most varied we’ve ever written in terms of musicality. There’s a bit of everything thrown in the mix including alternative rock and punk influences, as well as what is probably the most technical section from the album that gives way to an epic sing-along style chorus.  Collectively it’s our favourite track on Rhetoric, which lead to us choosing to release it ahead of the record.”

Rhetoric - Half Sight

Rhetoric is set for release on September 26th via Spoken Records UK.

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