Harm’s Way release new song ‘Human Carrying Capacity’

HARM’S WAY have released a brand new song!

The new song, titled Human Carrying Capacity, is taken from the band’s upcoming new album Posthuman, their first for Metal Blade Records. Speaking about the upcoming album, drummer Chris Mills says, “we’ve always stayed true to who we are and allowed the songwriting process to take shape organically from record to record, and as the band has progressed, our sound has become more refined with metal and industrial influences” whilst guitarist Bo Lueders adds, “to a HARM’S WAY fan, I would describe Posthuman as a blend of Isolation (2011) and Rust (2015), but it’s sonically way more insane. To anyone else, I would simply say it’s full on heavy and full on aggression.”

Listen to Human Carrying Capacity here:

Alongside the release of the new song you can view both the track list and artwork for the upcoming album below:

Track List:

1. Human Carrying Capacity
2. Last Man
3. Sink
4. Temptation
5. Become a Machine
6. Call My Name
7. Unreality
8. Dissect Me
9. The Gift
10. Dead Space

Posthuman - Harm's Way

Posthuman is set for release on February 9th via Metal Blade Records.

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