Immortal finish writing ninth studio album

Iconic black metallers IMMORTAL have completed the writing for their upcoming ninth studio album, the name of the album and the date of its release is yet to be announced.

Founding IMMORTAL member, lyricist and guitarist Demonaz is now handling vocals after the departure of Abbath.

Here is what they had to say on the upcoming album:

“This will be our darkest and coldest album in a long time: pure Blashyrkh metal the way our fans know it, with massive, majestic riffs, grim, frostbitten vocals and tales from our mighty realm. Fast and furious tracks, epic tracks and longer playback time than any of our previous albums.”

“The massive fan support has been very inspiring and we will not let the fans down. This last year, we have completed writing all of the new songs and look forward to recording our most passionate album in a long time. The song-writing process has been awesome and we will soon be ready to start the recording process.”

“After the past year’s incidents it was time to go back to the roots, to what this band is really about musically, and also to take the integrity of the band back to where it belongs. Cold, grim, uncompromising Blashyrkh metal with a true feeling is what we deliver.”

“We had to focus on making a new album nearly from scratch, which is the main reason why things have taken this much time.¬†We are now looking forward to recording the new album and presenting it to all those who have shown their loyalty and support. IMMORTAL have always been a unique and unstoppable force, and that goes for our fans as well. We will never change our music or attitude.”

Distorted Sound will keep you updated with the album title and release date very soon, keep your eyes peeled.

Jessica Howkins

Co Editor-in-Chief for Distorted Sound Magazine, Music Journalism student.