Rock Am Ring Festival Cancelled Following Lightning Strikes

After much uncertainty about the safety at Germany’s Rock Am Ring festival due to lightning and other weather concerns, the remaining time at the festival has officially been cancelled.

The festival has told fans to clear the grounds by 12pm on Sunday. Local authorities have said to be involved in this decision and have revoked Rock Am Ring’s licence.

The weather had left many people sheltering in their tents and cars over the past few days waiting for reports from the festival as to whether or not the bands would be playing. The festivals Facebook page was giving hourly updates about the status of the festival. As of yet there have been no know fatalities, but the lightning strike on Friday night caused eight people serious injuries and at least eighty hurt.

The festival have set up a hotline for those worried about friends or relatives attending the festival: 0261 1032345

In regards to the initial lightning strike on Friday, organisers at Rock Am Ring have said the lighting hit at 00:30 local time (22:30 GMT). Initial reports on the event said that two people required resuscitation, eight were left with serious injuries, and around forty-two were taken to hospital.

This is the second year in a row that the German festival has been hit by lightning, last year’s leaving thirty-three people injured and over the last few months, Europe has been hit by various storms causing injuries, and in some cases death.

Rock Am Ring 2016

Read the full statement from the official Facebook page here

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