INTERVIEW: Dez Fafara – Coal Chamber

Photo Credit: Dan Santoni
Photo Credit: Dan Santoni

With COAL CHAMBER making a comeback in 2011, the band were set to pick up where they left off. Four years on from their reformation the band released their fourth studio record entitled Rivals (which you can check out our review here) and are currently touring Europe in support of that record. We caught up quickly with frontman Dez Fafara about the new record, what fans can expect from the European tour and whether Nu-Metal is having a resurgence.

You’ll be starting a UK tour in support of ‘Rivals’ towards the end of this month – are there any dates in particular that you’re looking forward to playing?

Dez: The dates this far have been insane and we are working our way towards London for the final show that’s SOLD OUT !

DEVILDRIVER has been consistently successful over the years, what made you decide to take a backseat with that and reignite COAL CHAMBER?

Dez: DEVILDRIVER after 12 years and 6 records needed to take a much needed break, on that break I’m doing COAL CHAMBER.

With you reigniting Coal Chamber again, do you think Nu Metal is having a resurgence? 

Dez: It never went away. SLIPKNOT, KORN, SYSTEM OF A DOWN and DEFTONES are all still around, active and larger than life so what resurgence? Haha!

Was the album writing process with COAL CHAMBER difficult or refreshing because it wasn’t DEVILDRIVER? And what would you say is your favourite song off the album?

Dez: I had a great time writing to Rivals, it’s too early to name favourites though, I do like Another Nail in the Coffin!

How does this new record compare to your previous material?

Dez: It’s a growth, a giant leap forward and truly doesn’t compare as those records were over 15 years ago and this is a fresh sound built by us once again.

What can UK fans expect from this tour?

Dez: Fucking insanity

As far as the setlist is concerned, will it be old material or new?

Dez: 15 songs – a mix of all records and new material

Obviously the European tour is happening, but what can fans expect from COAL CHAMBER for the remaining 2015?

Dez: Touring will keep on going until fall when I record a new DEVILDRIVER FOR RELEASE 2016

Rivals is available now via Napalm Records