INTERVIEW: Roger Miret – Agnostic Front

Photo Credit: Todd Huber
Photo Credit: Todd Huber

WORDS: Michael Coyle

AGNOSTIC FRONT have ruled the rooster of the hardcore scene for years now. This year’s The American Dream Died reaffirmed the band’s chokehold on the scene and on the brink of a crushing show in Manchester, we spoke to frontman Roger Miret about the band’s influences on alternative music, the band’s name and the most bizarre thing to happen on the road.

So how are you today ?

Roger: I’m fine how’re you ?

I’m doing very well thank you, so how’re you enjoying Manchester so far?

Roger: So far we just walked around and had a cup of coffee and some lunch, fish and chips, and just sitting here finishing sound check, it’s groundhog day for me.

So AGNOSTIC FRONT is really one of the bands that has inspired a large generation of bands one of which of course would be former SLAYER’s drummer Dave Lombardo and still counts the band as one of his inspirations. Whenever you hear this how does it make you feel to know that there are still fans now that are this dedicated to the music?

Roger: I think it’s just great you know, I mean we’re a very passionate band and we do what we do throughout the years of our being dedicated and committed and we’ve grown a lot of fans and a lot of other bands that are super inspired by what we do. Its great for people to look up to us as an inspiration.

So looking back at the years what would you say has been your proudest accomplishment as a band besides being in a band like AGNOSTIC FRONT?

Roger: Our greatest accomplishment has been to travel the world.

So when the band first started what inspired you to start playing music mainly?

Roger: We were really just friends, and it was a very special time it was during the reagan years and a lot of people had stuff to say and we were just a bunch of friends and we just wanted to say what we had to say, little did we know that it was going to become a worldwide thing.

For those who are unaware where did the name AGNOSTIC FRONT come from originally?

Roger: Well Vinnie kind of came up with that name and he wanted something more than just a band name he wanted agnostic mean that or the absolute truth and so he wanted more of a movement, a front an agnostic front like a movement and that’s where that came from.

So looking back at your career when did you first see that the band was going somewhere?

Roger: Well to be honest with you we were just doing what we were doing and it’s kind of always been on the same level you know honestly if there was any success for us it would have had to have been in the late nineties is when I felt like ok now it’s coming a little bit more broader than usual.

What has been the most random experience you have ever witnessed while on the road?

Roger: Well just a few days ago , true story, prior to getting into the UK I went towards the back of the bus and my trailer door was open and saw some feet hanging off of it and at this time there was six refugees in our trailer, and I politely told them to you know we can’t bring you with us and they were like please take us to UK and I’m like we can’t we’re gonna get searched, this isn’t going to happen and then discovered later on that there was another two hidden behind there.

And finally for the fans at home do you have anything to say to them ?

Roger: Well thank you for the support throughout the years and thank you for being a part of our movement, our scene and just support all the bands.

The American Dream Died is out now via Nuclear Blast Records.