INTRODUCING: Black Orchid Empire

London trio BLACK ORCHID EMPIRE have a storming sound that will blow your mind. A sound that is smooth and glossy coupled with utterly wonderful riffs, the guys create a strong sound something akin to ROYAL BLOOD  and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE.

For a three piece, the kind of noise that Paul Visser (Vocals/Guitars), Dave Ferguson (Bass/Vocals) and Billy Freedom (Drums) is impressive. It’s clear that this is a style that comes naturally, but BLACK ORCHID EMPIRE has more to offer than just similarities to other great bands to like to play heavy. There’s also a softer edge to these guys as well as the big, meaty stuff. In many songs, there’s a beauty to the melodies that shines as genuine and heartfelt, while in the lyrics messages that transcends the regular.

BLACK ORCHID EMPIRE have made a huge start in their careers, within a few short years already having played with the likes of BIFFY CLYRO, SKUNK ANANSIE and EDITORS, the band have also won Emergenza UK. Masterful song writing and a sound that reflects heavy guitars and thick bass tones, it’s clear why the guys are up and coming at such a rate.

Their new album Archetype has already seen acclaim from fans and critics alike, and their latest video is a homage to anime with a great anarchic theme. The boys are also currently on tour, with various dates around the UK, this is the perfect time to see for yourself what all the hype is about. Passionate, hardworking and with a sound that is sublime, BLACK ORCHID EMPIRE can’t help but succeed.