Four-piece post-hardcore band CASCADE herald from Manchester, and bring a spark of light and hope with their music.

Comprised of Ste Hill (Vocals & Guitar), Andrew Talbot (Guitar), Scott Chadfield (Bass) and Scott Jackson (Drums), the guys have been together since 2015, coming together naturally, meeting through several other bands. Still within their infancy as a collective, CASCADE has still managed to release several songs within their time together, showing passion and enthusiasm for their work, building their image, sound and fanbase.

In terms of sound, CASCADE build on the elements of post-hardcore, to make something that feels genuine and well crafted. There’s something of THRICE and DEAF HAVANA, with strong vocal range and lyrical scope, combined with big soundscapes and great delivery of tension and release. However, CASCADE most definitely have a harder, more visceral edge, and while the music itself leans towards a more metalcore there are great beats that make them distinct in their output. There’s a lot of personal meaning behind the songs, such at latest single Ascend, that focus on being a positive force within your own life.

Sighting influences from EMAROSA, LOWER THAN ALTANTIS, and PIERCE THE VEIL, CASCADE have a clear musical style to base their work around, and have developed themselves into a well-rounded, established unit with promising ideas and unique qualities that promise to do them well in the years to come.