While She Sleeps release new music video for ‘Empire of Silence’

WHILE SHE SLEEPS have released a brand new music video!

With the band supporting their latest release, You Are We, through a widely successful UK tour, the band have now released a new music video for the track Empire of Silence. The new music video showcases the band performing live across the recent UK tour.

Watch the official music video for Empire of Silence here:

In a recent interview we did with guitarist Sean Long, he explains how the new album really connects with the fans, “we wanna make it loudly apparent that it’s the fans that make this go round. We don’t wanna stand aside from them, we want them to know and feel maybe a new relationship with a band, where it’s not like I’m standing here and the band is over there. It’s together, clearly, because if they support the band then that’s where that connection lies. So the You Are We would be like if we played a show, you are the we, so what ever we do, you are the we in that.”

You Are We is out now via self-release.

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