Connecticut based CURRENTS are a band that explore the realms of metalcore, taking in aspects of the djent scene and aspiring to make music with passion and energy. The band formed in 2011, and spent some considerable time perfecting their particular brand of music.

After a vocal change around, the band has consisted of Brian Wille (Vocals), Jeff Brown (Drums), Chris Wiseman (Guitar), Ryan Castaldi (Guitar) and Dee Cronkite (Bass) since 2015. The band has produced two EPs before the vocals changed, and recently put out their first full length album The Place I Feel Safest. The subject matter is consistently dark, taking on the challenge of personal turmoil, while the music within itself has a nice balance between technical and upbeat to round out the sound. For those who enjoy the more aggressive sounds within djent, this is certainly a band you sound look into.

The band themselves seem to pride themselves on having truly honed their album to the pinnacle of all possible excellence. CURRENTS have noted on their Facebook that they had over 50 songs before the album was recorded, and made a selection of the very best for the record. Impressive creativity to have such an extensive back catalogue and to refine the sound to such a point, no?

Throughout the past few months, CURRENTS have been playing shows with MISS MAY I, and UPON A BURNING BODY in the US, and have plenty of material to demonstrate their fevered energy and all their technical ideas on stage. Both violent in action, and expressive in intent, CURRENTS have laid the way for some promising times ahead.