Grunge outfit EUJENICS from Newcastle bring a great sense of what Hard Rock is all about, while bringing their own style to the genres.

The pace of some music these days can be a tad too eager. The angst and anger is so violent that there can often feel like there’s no time for the energy that’s lower, and keeps somethings back rather than throwing everything out in one moment.  The subtleties are all there with EUJENICS, giving enough to keep you wanting more. Truly, the pacing with Grunge is everything, and so EUJENICS find themselves fitting perfectly into the Hard Rock and Grunge genres. They cram in the raw feeling and deep, Rocky melodies.

Made up of Sam Avery (Vocals/Guitar), Chris Hanna (Guitar) David Scott (Bass) Adam Hay (Drums), there’s a of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE in there for sure, but the bands previous work has also drawn comparisons to MANIC STREET PREACHERS. EUJENICS have a talent for making music that is both reminiscent of a sound we all know and love, with a clear focus of their own.

To further the point, it seems that the guys are hugely passionate about making music that encompasses the very heart of why people are drawn to Grunge; the guitars are distorted, the beat is focused and driven and the bass is heavy. It’s not a drag though, like the soppier aspects that can often plague the name of Grunge, there’s an awful lot of Hard Rock thrown in for good measure, just to level things out. It’s a good sound that’s caught the eye of BBC Introducing Newcastle. The single Far Strange sees the band’s vision to what their new EP will sound like, set to record in the winter.

Having played with bands such as THE HYENA KILL in the bast, and with shows coming up with the likes of THE VINTAGE CARAVAN lined up in November and more to come as the months go on, it would be wise to look EUJENICS up.