One band definitely work keeping a close eye on is the Irish rock trio FANGCLUB, who are looking to take the rock world by storm.

After releasing EP’s Bullet Head and Coma Happy, FANGCLUB are set to release their self-titled debut album, and despite it being their breakthrough album, the band have already gained a sizeable fan base and reputation over the last 12 months. Their first single of the new record, Bad Words, was debuted on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, which pretty much put the band in the limelight straight away. Combine that with the band being a support act for TWIN ATLANTIC, and it’s no wonder that their popularity has vastly gained momentum.

Like a lot of bands, FANGCLUB began to take formation during the school days of frontman and guitarist Steven King and bassist Kevin Keane, with the duo crossing paths with drummer Dara Coleman at a house party, who joined the band as a replacement drummer. As for the band’s name, King conjured it up after watching a documentary about tribes, with one tribe sticking out in particular where members tattooed each other with fang symbols.

Following the recording of the aforementioned EPs, FANGCLUB were signed by Vertigo Records prior to the release of their debut album, with the record company boasting bands such as BLACK SABBATH, METALLICA, THIN LIZZY, and GENESIS on their books to name just a few. With a busy touring schedule ahead, and a debut record being released in the coming weeks, 2017 looks set to be a big year for FANGCLUB. It is highly likely that following their debut on BBC Radio 1, the band will feature in the mainstream music outlets, and with good reason too.

The music that they produce contains a good mixture of grunge and alternative rock, and is a breath of fresh air to the current rock scene in the UK. It all looks very promising for the Irish group, and there are great things ahead for them as they will surely look to follow in the footsteps of ROYAL BLOOD.