Progressive metal, especially in the UK, has exploded into life in recent years and six piece outfit HIEROGLYPH‘s fresh and exciting approach to the style is a breath of fresh air to a scene that is becoming quickly over-populated!

Originating from Leeds and London, the six piece’s approach to progressive metal isn’t necessarily straight-forward but the result is incredibly exciting. The dual vocal deliveries of Mark Howes and Valentina Reptile is the driving force here, with both delivering countering melodies that work wonders in keeping your attention. Both vocalists compliment each other and there are so many moments where the vocal harmonies will send shivers down your spine.

Vocal performances aside, HIEROGLYPH‘s soundscape is fully rooted in progressive metal. The flowing rhythms from Richard Barnes and Sam Butterfield are laced with djent-esque tones and regularly dazzling lead play with floor you whereas the bass and drum work from Helen Tytherleigh and Bradie Nixon are consistently solid. The end result is a soundscape that is both deep and expansive; one that will surprise and impress you at every turn.

In the four years the band have been active, the attention and hype has slowly been building. Releasing their debut, Ouroboros, last month to rave reviews across the board (read our review here) which centres its themes around the first eleven Tarot cards, it’s clear that HIEROGLYPH aim to create a listening experience that opens questions of higher thinking. This is thoughtful and expansive music to the absolute fullest.

With their debut record now under their belt alongside a performance at this year’s Tech Fest presents Techabilitation, the band are quickly becoming a bright prospect in the UK progressive metal scene. This is a band that will appeal to anyone who has a remote interest in progressive metal, and will quickly become a firm favourite in your musical library. Through an intricate musical approach and dazzling dual vocal deliveries, HIEROGLYPH will take you on a journey that will surprise and amaze you at every turn.