Hailing from Southampton, UK, three piece KEPLER TEN use their talents and inspirations for conjure a fresh sound in the Progressive Rock scene.

The guys are worth their salt here, as all three members play a variety of parts within the band: James Durand (Vocals, Bass, Keyboards), Steve Hales (Drums, Piano) and Richie Cahill (Guitars).

There is an unusual tingle of the warm, eighties synth music within KEPLER TEN, with a solid heavy Rock core and fluttering of Progressive throughout. There’s something of MUSE in there, and the band have made no secret for their love of RUSH too. In fact, the guys came together and played in a covers band initially before going on to make their own original music.

There is a wide variety of sounds and themes within the music here, in terms of technicality, all of which come together to create a kind of music that is interesting to listen to as well as fun to just enjoy for the sake of music. The guys signed to White Star Records not all too long ago, and their first single was released in the latter end of 2016. For those who are interested in well versed musicians coming into the scene with ideas and a very good style of their own, take the time to listen to Time and Tide.

KEPLER TEN’s debut album is due on February 10th, and is one to look an eye out for. While the thought of progressive music can be a little tedious for some, this is not only accessible, well thought out melodies for music fans of all kinds.