WORDS: James Weaver

With many bands opting for increased technicality to stand-out from the crowd, gaining recognition in a congested scene is increasingly difficult. Manchester’s ORION, however, are making waves with their blend of progressive and technical characteristics and ambient charm.

With influences that range from TESSERACT to DEFTONESORION have blended a fine craft of progressive metal. With hard hitting riffs, a deep bass tone and excellently delivered vocals the five lads from Manchester are poised for the big leagues.

With two appearances at UK Tech Metal Fest and support slots for the likes of UNEVEN STRUCTURE and HACKTIVIST under their belt already, ORION are making their name known in a congested UK metal scene. The band’s latest release, Yugen, indicated the sheer potential for the band with a fine blend of harsh and clean vocals, intricate guitar play and hard-hitting breakdowns that replicated being hit by a freight train. It’s difficult to put into words the emotions that are experienced through listening to ORION but the mix of ambience with progressive and technical elements results in one interesting listening experience.

Currently, ORION are gearing up for the release of their first studio record which is set for release in 2016. Attempting a concept album for your debut is a bold move but ORION have teased the capabilities of achieving such a feat. The band have given a first insight into their new material with their latest single, Somnium, which only reinforces the band’s sheer talent at their respective craft. Make no mistake, ORION, are here to stay and the world is their oyster. If intricate solo play, roaring vocal deliveries and intense riffing tickles you fancy then ORION may just become your new favourite band.


Phil Owen – Vocals
Alex Huzar – Guitar
Mike Jones – Guitar
Alex Sharpe – Bass
Nath Mcleish – Drums