INTRODUCING: Primal Attack

If you’re looking for a true feeling of mouth frothing, neck snapping, blistering thrash metal music this year, Lisbon based PRIMAL ATTACK may just be the musical offensive for you in 2017. Without confining themselves to one genre specifically, they break through thrash to incorporate elements of industrial, prog, death metal to construct some very diverse sounds.

Made up of Pica (Vocals) Miguel (lead guitar) Tiago (Rhythm Guitar) Miranda (Bass) and Mike (Drums), this five piece have a masterful grip on their own ideas and the impact they want to make. No misguided concepts will you find from PRIMAL ATTACK. This band is focused, and the result is a juggernaut.

Coming together back in 2012, the band swiftly produced some high energy, fierce music. Looking at their swift movement in the scene, by the summer of 2013, they had released their debut Humans, which came as LOUD! Magazine’s 2nd best international band. The album took off and received a huge amount of positive response. It was Thrash through and through, a bare knuckle fight in heavy music.

The years after saw the band playing throughout Portugal, playing with a huge array of well known bands such as NAPALM DEATH, HATEBREED, CANCER BATS, THE EXPLOITED and SWORN ENEMY to name but a few. They also played Moita Metal Fest back in 2015, recording the whole show, which you can look up yourselves.

Taking it to last year, the band wanted to move past their thrash focus of the first album, and while keeping it at the heart of their sound, expanding beyond into new musical themes. The result in the new record, which released in February (read our review here), is an onslaught of brutality, something with real teeth and an energy that is raw and vicious in every sense. Heartless Opressor is an album that shows a maturity into a much darker sound for the band, but with all the bone crunching energy of their previous releases. There is an anger, a real need to tear up the room with PRIMAL ATTACK. Again, this has a variety of genres running through it, but to simplify, this is for anyone interested in the intermingling sounds of HATEBREED and GOJIRA, you have yourself a winner with this band.

An unrelenting sound, PRIMAL ATTACK have such a broad outlook into their own brand of inexorable metal that it can’t be ignored.