The five piece Hardcore guys of PROVOKER are a fresh new talent that have a lot of energy and a taste for the hard and the heavy.

Made up of Angus Roberton (Vocals), Joe Spratt (Vocals/Guitar), Ollie Soundy (Guitar/Vocals) Richard Worrall (Bass) and Jack Stephens (Drums/Vocals), PROVOKER are the perfect balance of Post Hardcore themes. Lyrically, it’s clear these guys have a balance between the savage and raw with real topics that have a message.

While initially playing in different bands such as MUNROE EFFECT, ATTENTION THIEVES and ELEPHANT, and making music as a collective under the name HOUSEFIRES as far back as 2011, the band have made an impact from their local scene in Portsmouth alongside bands such as PALM READER. Reintroducing themselves to the world with a fresh name and a fresh EP, The Long Defeat, set for release in March 2017, PROVOKER have a big year ahead of them.

Their grooves are solid, their vocals both clean and screamed are thick and laced within intent. This is a band brimming with passion, with the focus and the sound to make a real impact. Started up at the beginning of this year, things seem to be heading into new shows for anticipatory fans. What’s more, after some truly hard times a band, they’ve put in so much hard work into making their music true and heartfelt. Knowing true strife, and taking life by the horns, the guys of PROVOKER are sure to grab your attention.

For those looking into their older music under their previous name, 2012’s EP Before The Ceiling Cave is a great place to start, while you should also check out their latest video for latest single Admission. That should tempt you and have you itching for their new release, which is thankfully is well on its way. Keep a look out for their shows, with are set to be a massive!