INTRODUCING: The Bastard Sons

Photo Credit: John Oliver Photography
Photo Credit: John Oliver Photography

Words: Laura McCarthy

Up and coming bands often find themselves lost in the mess of undiscovered sound on the market. Many a band become victims to the ineffectual mimicry of other groups that have gone before them. However, roaring into the scene with a most excellent blues-y take on punk/metal, is THE BASTARD SONS. Infinitely loud and catchy, the York rockers find themselves at the forefront of groove laden, heavy music.

First thing to note with THE BASTARD SONS is that each member of the band gives their all- lead singer JJ delivers vocally a tone just right to match the hard, aggressive playing of Alex and Ollie on guitar, the constant, deep tones Nath on bass and the energetic, fiercely tight Rich on drums.

Mixing up blues and rock, if you could take bands like BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, SOUNDGARDEN and RISE AGAINST, and mash those into something with the best of their grooves, heavy sound and intensity, then you might be somewhat close to what THE BASTARD SONS sounds like. Having just released their debut record Smoke, THE BASTARD SONS rampage into your ears like something you didn’t even know you’d been missing. The songs are big and loaded with heavy riffs and cool-as-you like rhythms. There is a diversity to what THE BASTARDS SONS can produce, be it lyrics driven by social- mediocrity or chant along hits like Release the Hounds. Confidence and dynamism are at the heart of this band, with a clear sound and an impressive strength so early on in their career.

Signed to Kiju Records, it looks like the New Year is set to be the time you need to clear your calendars, as THE BASTARD SONS are set to tour their new record around the UK in January. A tour-de-force of music as you’ve yet to experience, it would seem foolish not to check them out.