Words:Laura McCarthy
Having played together for almost ten years, PROPAX is a band filled with potential and heavy drive. The four piece consists of Sean Slinger (vocals), Gary Wise (guitar), Kev Lyons (bass) and Harrison Lang (drums). Originating from Manchester, this heavy band have travelled the UK and Europe delivering their sound to those predisposed towards chaos and good old thrashing.

Indeed, PROPAX are thrash metal at its best. No fuss or frills, with a sound very reminiscent of SUICIDAL TENDANCIES and with a tinge of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, it’s not hard to get behind this high energy. The music itself is brimming with vigour, with the vocals deep and full, and heavy rhythms that immediately show the band to have great playability both on record and live.

The great thing about PROPAX is there constant efforts towards creating new music. As constant in their lyrical aggression as they are in their musicality and confidence, PROPAX have kept their roots in metal while exploring the bands potential in their ten year stretch togerher. As with many up and coming bands, creating and promoting your content can be difficult. However, with two EP’s and a full album, this band have gone from strength to strength, working hard at their sound. It’s possibly this drive that makes them such a good band to show an interest in- that and the fact they can really deliver on the promise of their records. Songs such as Brothers and War of Faith are great examples of the bands work, and fans are on the cusp of receiving a new album, due next year.

To take the chance to see this band preform is a must- the volume of sound they create and the passion they have for music is insatiable. Plus, catching a band like this at a smaller venue is one of the best ways to experience music- close up and personal, and truly in your face.