INTRODUCING: The Virginmarys


WORDS: Laura McCarthy

A town known for its rock icons JOY DIVISION and NEW ORDER, Macclesfield seemed set to remain in the shadow of its past. However, a trio of young men with a huge sound and a mark to make have arisen, with a fresh direction for northern music that clears away the cobwebs. Made up of Ally Dickaty on guitar/vocals, Matt Rose on bass/backing vocals and Danny Dolan on drums, THE VIRGINMARYS are a force to be reckoned with.

The band only formed back in 2008, and after a string of EP’s and notable shows and festivals across the globe, it’s unsurprising that their upcoming shows in London and Stoke actually crashed the ticket site with the influx of fans desperate to experience them live. The band have made their name known far and wide, with many years touring around the UK, US and even India. Having supported SLASH and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, it’s clear that these boys know their stuff. While heavy rock is the best way to describe the band, truly they have so much more to offer than those words imply. Dirty, fast riffs, primal drumming and choruses you’ll be singing for days form a sound that is perfect for blasting in the car or creating chaos with in the pits of their shows.

Their first full release back in 2013, King of Conflict, boasted both “plugged in and stripped down” albums, showing impressive spectrum of tone and feeling. Dickaty has proved his gravely tones to be both moving and ferocious, while Rose keeps a cool and quiet demeanour through his solid bass lines. The big performer at shows, if you can believe it, is the drummer. Dolan smashes into his kit like there’s no tomorrow, belting out beats that thunder straight through the chest. For a three piece, the kind of noise THE VIRGINMARYS make brings a grin to your face and a craving to your heart that can only be satisfied when the volume is turned up to 11.

One thing is for sure, on the way to their highly anticipated second album THE VIRGINMARYS are sure to be making some very impressionable waves in the music world. It’s probably best that you acquaint yourself with their work now, because these boys are destined for some pretty big things.