TIBERIUS take huge inspiration from bands such as FELLSILENT, CORELIA and BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, while citing the classic favourites THE WHO and CLUTCH.

With a focus on more storytelling, the band make sure that nothing is repetitive, nothing overdone or left as a weaker part. Both guitarists Jahan Tabrizi and Chris Foster explore the realms of music as an interwoven pair, creating some truly complex and magical music.

Equally, Ryan Anderson on bass and Stewart McLachlan on drums create a backdrop of irregular beats and satisfying percussion in a similar (and yet completely different) way to RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS. To top it all, Grant Barclay overlays some interesting lyrical styles that cites more elements from bands like IRON MAIDEN, allowing for a dynamic between the technical metal elements and the more traditional, old school metal. In terms of the content of the lyrics, TIBERIUS have a keen interest in the social issues facing this latest generation of listeners, and the tiresome and strange way in which technology, religion, 21st century culture and even the industry in which they inhabit approaches originality and filling into a box. This all seems quite heavy subject, but this is a band that revels in the fun of what they do. Taking on new musical ideas, allowing each instrument its moment to shine, and the inspiration new musical innovation allows is why TIBERIUS are such a great band to get your ears around. None of your doom and gloom here, thank you, this is music to get your aggression out to with a smile on your face. The best remedy to the hard-hitting subject matter is to enjoy yourself, and TIBERIUS are very much that much-needed tonic.

Lyrically enticing, and technically intriguing, their first four track, self-titled EP is out now via Bandcamp, and will be played at the various shows within the spring. Yes, all in all, what TIBERIUS is trying to achieve is something that incorporates their love of music, as well as their unquestionable skill into a style that works for them. It’s a huge task for any band to undertake, but the Edinburgh lads make it their mission, and they don’t half deliver.