Manchester has been a rising exporter of quality metal over the past decade. From the blossoming death metal scene to the influential black metal movement, from WINTERFYLLETH to INGESTED, Manchester is firmly printing it’s name on the global map of heavy metal. Enter WODE, the city’s latest export, showboating sheer immersive and venomous black metal.

The four piece’s take on the style is fittingly raw and straight to the point. Riffs that hook and immerse you, and shrieks that pierce the ear drums. Just what black metal demands. WODE have been making noise in the underground since their emergence in 2010 but six years later, 2016 sees the band set to make big waves in the scene. Their debut record, Wode, was released earlier this year and the record is a fantastic example of what this band has to offer.

Their influences translates into their sound remarkably well. Think DISSECTION and WATAIN for the framework of the band’s structure. Channeling the influences of the scene’s landmark bands, WODE strive to capture the vast landscape of the style in a bottle and across the six songs of their debut, release it to venomous effect. From the acoustic and isolated introductions to the barrage of blastbeats, there is enough musical variation to keep you hooked.

The chemistry of the band further demonstrates their ability of their respective craft. Consistent bass lines from E.T. drive the pace of the band’s music, the guitar tones of K.S. and M.C. are ferocious in speed and drives the immersive atmosphere and the plethora of blast beats from drummer T.H. is a fine addition. Vocal deliveries from T.H. and M.C. are fused together to make for an impressive package of snarls and growls; which further enforces WODE‘s sonic barrage. Through variations in rhythm and pitch, WODE‘s take on black metal is immensely immersive and utterly satisfying.

Whilst they may not be reinventing the style, WODE captures the essence of black metal and everything the style stands for. Atmospheric, ominous and thoroughly captivating. With consistent performances in Manchester, the band are making their name known and judging from the quality of their studio material, expect WODE to lead a full conquest of the UK black metal scene.

Wode is out now via Broken Limbs Recordings.

Wode - Wode