Kayak release new music video for ‘La Peregrina’

KAYAK have released a brand new music video!

The new music video, for the track La Peregrina, is taken from the Dutch progressive rockers’ upcoming seventeenth studio album, Seventeen, which is scheduled to be released later this month. Speaking about the new music video, founding member Ton Scherpenzeel says, “La Peregrina is the story about the merciless passing of time and the vanity of man, as observed by the legendary pearl that represents eternal beauty. It watches the rise and fall of kings and serves to enhance the status of queens who wear it, and knows all their secrets. An intriguing idea that inspired me to write this longest epic – the album version is almost 12 minutes long – on the new KAYAK album.” 

Watch the official music video for La Peregrina here:

Continuing to speak about the upcoming album, Scherpenzeel says, “who would have thought that the quirky Dutch prog band that began its journey in 1973 (the year See See The Sun came out) would still have a future some 45 years later. Yes, we have had our share of ups and downs. Often it seemed the band would either break up for good or fade into oblivion. But we didn’t. So here we are, a new line up, but as dedicated to the music as we were in the beginning. If there is a secret to KAYAK’s longevity, it must be that. Writing this, I realise that the album title does not only mark the number of studio albums KAYAK has made up until now. It also represents that exciting feeling of being 17 all over again, embarking on a musical journey, full of expectations. And just like in 1973, I don’t know where it will lead us, but we’re on our way. Here’s to new horizons.”

Alongside the release of the new music video, you can view both the track list and artwork for the upcoming record. Both of which are available to view below:

Track List:

  1. Somebody
  2. La Peregrina
  3. Falling
  4. Feathers And Tar
  5. Walk Through Fire
  6. Ripples On The Water
  7. All That I Want
  8. X Marks The Spot
  9. God On Our Side
  10. Love, Sail Away
  11. Cracks
  12. To An End

Seventeen - Kayak

Seventeen is set for release on January 12th via InsideOut Music.

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