Kobra and the Lotus release new lyric video for ‘Prevail’

KOBRA AND THE LOTUS have released a new lyric video!

The new lyric video, for the track Prevail, is taken from the band’s latest release Prevail I which was released back in May. Speaking about the track, the band says, “this one’s for all the non-believers…the people on the outside and the voice inside your head that said you’d never make it out. The voice that told you to stop dreaming. The devil on your shoulder whispering “Go ahead and quit, you’re not good enough anyways”. Out with the hate and in with the love. There’s a new mantra in town and it’s slamming that shadowed voice into the ground. We will Prevail and we are never backing down!”

Watch the official lyric video for Prevail here:

Prevail I is out now via Napalm Records.

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