Kobra and the Lotus release new music video for ‘Light Me Up’

KOBRA AND THE LOTUS have released a brand new music video!

The new music video, for the track Light Me Up, is taken from the band’s latest studio record, Prevail I, which was released back in May this year. Speaking about the song, vocalist Kobra Paige says, “music is the universal language. Because of this quality, it has immense capacity to heal and bring people hope and strength. We are so much stronger than we know but at times our faith in ourselves can be tested. More specifically our sense of purpose can be tested. When we lose our purpose, we stop believing in ourselves, our desire to fight for this lifetime begins to fade. This song is extremely close to our hearts and holds an intention that we hope will translate into helping others to not give up on themselves. Everyone matters. Never forget this… no single person has it all figured out no matter how composed they appear. For the people that feel they have no one to turn to, I hope our songs find you in your deepest hour of need. May it lift you up just enough to remind you that somehow, in some way, we all fit into this picture we call life. Let’s bring awareness to depression. Let’s bring awareness to the fact that everyone has a story that we don’t know. It’s ok to not be ok sometimes.”

Watch the official music video for Light Me Up here:

Previal I is out now via Napalm Records.

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