Mayhem unveil video for ‘Watchers’

Norwegian black metal masters MAYHEM have unveiled a new music video for the track Watchers.

The track, taken from the band’s latest studio record Esoteric Warfare, and it’s video features the band playing a live performance at Soundstage in Baltimore as part of the Black Metal Warfare II US tour.

Director James Pesature had this to say about the video, “I do my best to find cinematographers, who are metalheads and fans of the bands for our team, because I feel if you know your subject well and understand them, you will be better at representing them through the lens. (There were nine of us shooting this). I have always attempted to take a fine art approach to my photography focusing on the individual and the body. I have taken this same approach to the live music videos hoping to create a more intimate experience for the viewer that captures the high octane, hair raising energy that surges through the body when actually there. This video is an up close and personal concentrated experience of an entire MAYHEM performance.  An interesting thing I believe to be true about Black Metal, more so than any other metal sub-genre is when it comes to performing live, it is just as much of a performance art as it is music. Attila is the embodiment of that statement.  Maybe others don’t see it this way but to me it is very dramatic, energetic, theatrical, and ritualistic.”

You can watch the video for Watchers here:

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