Ne Obliviscaris Drummer Quits Job To Tour!

Australian six-piece NE OBLIVISCARIS have quickly been becoming a well recognised name among the metal community and have recently embarked on a European tour with CRADLE OF FILTH.
There was one crucial factor that made this all possible – drummer, Dan Presland, was unable to take the time off work needed in order to tour with the band, which left him an ultimatum: ditch the tour or ditch the job? So, he simply quit.

Making a bold move and leaving his day job as a train driver – and a $150,000/year salary behind – Presland felt that his commitment to NE OBLIVISCARIS was more important than his career. In a quote posted on NE OBLIVISCARIS’ official facebook page, Presland commented:

“Many people think that NeO are already doing really well financially, and everyone is making an income from touring/merch sales, when in fact none of us have been paid a cent… However we know the only way to make this band our ‘career’ is to go all in and take the risk head on. Money comes and goes, but opportunities don’t.”

Now that is some serious commitment!

NE OBLIVISCARIS are currently on tour with CRADLE OF FILTH, you can check out if they are hitting a town near you here