Only Echoes Remain release new song ‘Of Stone and Stars’

ONLY ECHOES REMAIN have released a brand new song!

With the post-rock newcomers set to release their debut The Exigent in June, now, the band have released a brand new song from the forthcoming debut, titled Of Stone and Stars. Speaking about the new song, the band comments, Of Stone and Stars is the final song on the album, and where many of the previous tracks are fraught with danger, loneliness and loss, this last song suggests a degree of hope. Here big guitar riffs and high-energy sections, punctuated by moments of delicate reflection, tell the story of one lone explorer’s battle for survival. While he may well succeed in the short term, ultimately he finds himself stranded on a strange and unfamiliar world – how long can he really last?”

Listen to Of Stone and Stars here:

Alongside the release of the new song, you can view the track list and artwork for the upcoming debut. Both of which are available to view below:

Track List:

  1. Prelude (We Must Move Forwards)
  2. Dawn
  3. Aurora 06:57
  4. Reflections
  5. Distant Echoes
  6. Interlude (No Turning Back)
  7. Descent/Impact
  8. //End Transmission
  9. Of Stone and Stars

The Exigent - Only Echoes Remain

The Exigent is set for release on June 16th via self-release.

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