Distorted Sound is pleased to premiere the brand new single from Los Angeles’ based act IAVVV.

The track, titled 10+, comes from IAVVV, a project that blends various styles of sound; from psychedelic, noise, tribal house and more. The project is the brainchild of Labros Filippou and the project’s aim is to create “a synthesis of the spoken word with the conscious narrative that results in a new form of hyperrealism.”

Listen to the premiere of 10+ here:

What is interesting about this project is that one of the primary aims is to engage the audience. IAVVV is an ongoing series that will only grow with time, one that requires the audience to take something away from the music and return it in the form of a text. As the replies pile up, each of the ensuing visitors will not only give back but also take away more from the experience than his or her predecessors, making the story larger.

This new approach is something rarely seen in music and gives the project something of a unique edge, that and backed with an interesting sound makes IAVVV certainly stand out!

For more information on IAVVV like their official page on Facebook.