Randy Blythe’s Bail Doubled; Prosecutor’s Complaint against Release Dismissed

In accordance to the Czech news site iDNES.cz, a Prague Municipal Court dismissed the prosecutor’s complaint against Randy’s release on bail on monday (July 16). Whilst this certainly can be considered to be a good piece of news the court however has increased Randy’s bail cost from the previous $200,000, a cost which has already been paid, to $400,000 which sources claim to be twice Randy Blythe’s annual income.

Randy Blythe was arrested on June 27 in the Czech Republic and is facing manslaughter charges after an incident at a gig in 2010 whereby a fan stormed the stage numerous times leading to Blythe allegedly pushed the fan of the stage. The fan later died a month later due to a brain haemorrhage.

Martin Holub, a lawyer at Šafra & Partners, spoke to The Prague Post stating that if bail is revoked, Randy Blythe could be kept in prison for up to six months.

Holub said; “The authorities will be concerned about him leaving the country and then having to begin extradition proceedings. If, however, the appeal court confirms the decision of the previous court, Randy Blythe should be released on the day that decision is made.”