Ronnie Radke of Falling in Reverse quits Twitter

Credit: Jason Squires
Credit: Jason Squires

Don’t expect to be hearing the thoughts of FALLING IN REVERSE frontman, Ronnie Radke via Twitter anytime soon.

After YouTube video blogger Onision uploaded a video detailing the reasons why some might hate Ronnie and his current band FALLING IN REVERSE, Ronnie Radke appeared to take offence and posted this on his Twitter page ;

It has not been a great month for the frontman, this backlash comes after he was accused of sexually assaulting a 25 year old woman who had been an intimate friend of his for years. Radke denied the story, calling the allegations defamatory and eventually suing the woman making the claims. He has also arrested for domestic abuse and for being involved in a shooting that left an 18 year old man dead.

His Twitter page is still active, though no updates have been posted since the one above, on the 23rd of June. Whether or not he will continue his Twitter hiatus is unknown, but perhaps a good idea as it seems anything posted about Ronnie Radke lately is less than flattering.

View the video here :