ALBUM REVIEW: Kronos – Arisen New Era

Kronos Album Cover

French Death Metallers KRONOS have returned with their latest release of all things mythological, Arisen New Era.

There is no hanging around when it comes to jumping in with pure brutality, as first track Infernal Abyss Sovereignty kicks in. From then on, the entire record oozes with mass destruction in the form of some of the finest Death Metal to date.

The album delivers excellent melodies and speed, where you will fail to hear the same thing twice. Despite kicking in immediately with great force, it is the mid-tracks of the album that really show the talent and the musicianship of KRONOS.

With tracks such as Klymenos, Underwratch and Aeons Titan Crown it is without a doubt that this band know exactly what they are doing. It is one thing, being in a Death Metal band but it is another being able to execute the genre with passion and emotion still in the music and KRONOS do just that.

Each track shows the right balance in brutality and melodies, creating the perfect scene and atmosphere for the Greek mythology themes that take hold of KRONOS.

It is very easy for Death Metal albums to become easily repetitive with constant blast beats, menacing riffs here there and everywhere and screams that everyday people can only achieve by sitting on the toilet. Yet, even though the same thing applies to Arisen New Era, KRONOS have a very special and talented way of making every track as fresh as the one before it.

Brotherlords is the track of the album, showcasing just how KRONOS do in fact keep every track fresh and free from repetition. With bludgeoning riffs, a crisp solo and a massacre of some of the finest blast beats on the entire record, it certainly shows the talent in the best light.

The only real downfall that can be expressed with this magnificent album, is that it seems to be over quicker than you want it to.

Arisen New Era is undoubtedly one of the best albums to be released in 2015. Beholding everything you want and more in a Death Metal album, this is it. Every track has its quirk, every member gets to take the ‘limelight’ and with every second you endure of Arisen New Era, you will experience the finest and nothing that falls short of that.



Arisen New Era will be released via Unique Leader Records on July 24th, 2015.

Jessica Howkins

Co Editor-in-Chief for Distorted Sound Magazine, Music Journalism student.