The Top Ten Albums of the Year…So Far

With June almost at an end it indicates that we are around halfway through 2013. The first 6 months of the year has been jam-packed with release after release of new albums for metal fans to sink their teeth into. In six months there has been so many phenomenal releases, so here is Extreme-Metallum’s top ten albums of the year..So far!

10. The Underground Resistance – Darkthrone



Darkthrone return with their fifteenth studio offering entitled The Underground Resistance. Keeping the NWOBHM style they adapted back in 2006 Darkthrone still manage to create one extreme record. Nocturno’s vocals are powerful as ever and this album is just pure speed from one of Norway’s titans.


9. Construct – Dark Tranquility



It’s hard not to fault Dark Tranquility, the Swedes have been providing excellent melodic death metal for 20 years since 1993’s ‘Skydancer’. ‘Construct’, the band’s tenth offering, is exactly what you expect. Powerful melodic death metal that moves you from start to finish. Nothing particularly earth shattering but if melodic death metal is your fancy then look no further.


8. Epitome of Torture – Sodom



For a band’s fourteenth album, German thrash legends Sodom, ‘Epitome of Torture’ sure isn’t that bad. For a band whose career spans three decades you know what to expect, thrash..pure thrash. ‘Epitome of Torture’ is no different, expect some cracking riffs and Angelripper’s signature vocal style.


7. Seventh Swamphony – Kalmah



Kalmah return with their seventh studio offering entitled ‘Seventh Swamphony’. This new offering doesn’t break the mould that Kalmah have built over their 15 year career and that certainly is a good thing. This new album contains some cracking guitar play and Pekka Kokko’s vocals roar throughout. If dark melodic death metal is your taste, check this out immediately!


6. Terror Regime – Jungle Rot



Jungle Rot’s seventh studio offering continues their approach to the death metal formula. This is a combination of pounding drums, catchy riffs that encourage a dose of whiplash and Dave Matrise’s low guttural vocal style. The result makes ‘Terror Regime’ a instant favourite in any death metal fan’s music library.


5. Pinnacle of Bedlam – Suffocation



Fans have had to wait four long years since 2009’s ‘Blood Oath’ to get new material from death metal titans Suffocation. Their new offering entitled ‘Pinnacle of Bedlam’ is typical Suffocation, 38 minutes of a death metal onslaught. Frank Mullen’s growls are ferocious accompanied with a musicianship that defines the concept of brutality.


4. Solarflesh – Hate



Polish blackened death metal outfit Hate have never quite risen to the same success shared by their countrymen Behemoth. However, their new offering entitled ‘Solarflesh’ is one monster of a record. Epic, evil and ferocious ‘Solarflesh’ is blackened death metal at its finest!



3. Everblack – The Black Dahlia Murder



The two year album cycle that The Black Dahlia Murder utilise is perfect for fans, the wait between albums never seems that long. 2013 marks the band’s sixth studio output, entitled ‘Everblack’, the excellent musicianship and style the band is known for continues here. This effectively makes ‘Everblack’ a strong contender for album of the year, one truly incredible album indeed.


2. Deceiver of the Gods – Amon Amarth


Amon Amarth’s 21 year career has seen the Swedes establish a solid melodic death metal sound unique to them. ‘Deceiver of the Gods’ is the band’s ninth studio offering and it certainly does not disappoint. Whilst it doesn’t break the formula that Amon Amarth have created, there is plenty of listening enjoyment to be found here. From the Norse mythological themes to Johan Hegg’s ferocious roars to the intricate guitar play. ‘Deceiver of the Gods’ is one titan of a album.


1. 13 – Black Sabbath



Would it really be anything else? In all seriousness the new Black Sabbath album sees the band’s first album since 1995’s ‘Forbidden’ and simply the return of the original lineup creates a heavy metal masterpiece from start to finish. ’13’ provides Ozzy’s key vocal style, wicked riffs performed by Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler keeps the bass pounding. So far, ’13’ is the best album of the year, simply amazing.