The Top Ten Bands to Watch at Bloodstock Open Air 2013

With Bloodstock Open Air festival only a mere 40 days away Extreme-Metallum presents the top ten bands to watch at the UK’s largest independent metal festival!

10: Dark Funeral

Unlike 2012’s edition of the festival which featured a full black metal onslaught across the weekend, Dark Funeral is one of the only black metal bands to grace the Ronnie James Dio with their unholy presence. The Swedes are sure to bring the darkness to the English countryside, however the sunlight may kill the vibe somewhat. Still worth a watch if you crave a dosage of black metal.

9: Sabaton

Sabaton’s obsession of military and war transcends to their approach of the power metal genre. Their high billing on Saturday ensures once many beers have been consumed their high octane music will surely bring a cheeky smile to anyone’s face.

8: Scar Symmetry

Despite the departure of iconic frontman, Christian Älvestam, in 2008 melodic death metallers Scar Symmetry are active as ever. Their headlining slot of the Sophie Lancaster stage on the Friday offers a great alternative to the classic Accept over on the main stage. Their melody enforced with ferocity will be sure to be one to watch!

7: Municipal Waste

Virginia’s crossover thrash quartet Municipal Waste aim to bring the party to Bloodstock on Friday afternoon. High octane short songs all focused on partying till you pass out from alcohol will surely whip up a frenzy of mosh pits and crowd surfing. If Municipal Waste don’t fuck you up at Bloodstock then nothing will.

6: Death Angel

One of thrash metal’s highly acknowledged acts, Death Angel bring their thrash metal onslaught bright and early on Friday morning. Expect meaty riffs and mosh pits a plenty, Death Angel aim to bang out hit after hit to ensure the masses of Bloodstock are exhausted before midday.

5: Ex Deo

Maurizio Iacono, frontman of Kataklysm, brings his Roman themed death metal side project Ex Deo to British shores. Caligvla was a astonishing record so expect plenty of new tracks in Ex Deo’s seige of Bloodstock on Friday morning. Bloodstock shall be conquered by the Roman war machine indeed!

4: Gojira

Hailed as a brilliant live band, French death metallers Gojira are set to decimate Bloodstock. High up the bill on the Saturday gives Gojira plenty of choice to choose tracks from their 5 album discography. Pounding riffs are bound to cause some serious cases of whiplash.

3: Devildriver

Not only achieving the world record of the biggest circle pit at Download Festival but also being a successful groove metal band is certainly not easy. Devildriver kick up a shit storm of rabid fans wherever they grace their presence and Bloodstock is expected to be no different. Despite being significantly smaller than Download expect Devildriver to tear Bloodstock a new one through their pulse pounding grooves and Dez’s signature vocal style.

2: Lamb of God

Being hailed as the return of Lamb of God post Randy Blythe’s ordeal in the Czech Republic, Virginia groove metallers Lamb of God are set to headline the Ronnie James Dio stage on Saturday night. With the band’s latest studio album, Resolution, packing a punch like previous albums Lamb of God will unleash hell at Bloodstock. Expect meaty grooves and Randy Blythe to command the legions of fans in the palm of his hand.

1: Slayer

Slayer’s headlining slot to close the festival on Sunday night is going to be a roller coaster of emotions. The first UK show since the tragedy of Jeff Hanneman’s passing watching Slayer at Bloodstock is going to be one truly unique experience. Do not expect that to lower the level of ferocity once Slayer unleash their thrash onslaught to the projected huge crowd at Catton Hall. With a huge back catalogue of iconic tracks Slayer will decimate Bloodstock and will unexpectedly conclude another edition of Bloodstock.

Bloodstock Open Air Festival takes place from August 8-11

Tickets are available via the Bloodstock website