Top 10 Albums of 2017 by Distorted Sound’s Jessica Howkins

With 2018 just around the corner, Distorted Sound are here to bring you even more end of year lists. The Editors Top 20 of 2017 has been delivered in Issue 32 (or you can view it here), it is time for Editor-in-Chief, Jessica Howkins to give you her favourite ten albums that have been released in 2017. Here we are!

10. Red Before Black – Cannibal Corpse

CANNIBAL CORPSE will always be marked as one of the most iconic bands in death metal and with their new album, Red Before Black they stand firmer on that claim. It is consistently brutal and the balance between darkness and horror is absolutely superb once more. Code of the Slashers and title-track lead the album with proving that this is one of the bands most sinister albums. A true death metal album to heighten exactly why CANNIBAL CORPSE are one of the greats.

9. The Spark – Enter Shikari

For years ENTER SHIKARI have stole the hearts of millions and it’s because they step out of the norm and offer fun with sincerity. The Spark follows suit but explores emotion a lot more elegantly, it is the perfect example of why so many people have fallen in love with the band and why with each release they set the bar up higher. The Revolt Of The Atoms and Live Outside offer joyous anthems where Airfield showcases a beautiful ballad that ignites all of the emotions, the change of dynamic from ENTER SHIKARI between how they portray each song is so clever. The honesty is so open in The Spark, the deliverance of it is inspiring. This album is monumental for the bands career despite having huge success prior, they have once again broke down the boundaries.

8. Noir – Novelists

With their second full-length record, NOVELISTS delivered the outstanding Noir. For a second release, bands are still often finding their feet but NOVELISTS have really found where they deliver with this record. It might not be one of the best albums for consistency in sound but it is for the growth and putting their name out there to be watched. Where music ability is concerned it’s elegant and it has so much charisma, it shines a light on what NOVELISTS are capable of and what we can expect from them in the future.

7. Nightbringers – The Black Dahlia Murder

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER have been continuously growing in their career and Nightbringers brings them to new heights. It is one of the best death metal albums of 2017 and with the crushing blows of Matriarch, Jars and Catacomb Hecatomb it defines exactly why. It has delivered nothing but brilliance and keeps THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER on the pedestal of one of the leading death metal bands of our generation.

6. Sound Of The Wind – Psychedelic Witchcraft

PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT have offered one of the most stunning releases of 2017 with Sound Of The Wind. Lords Of The War, Turn Me On and Sin Of Mine really bring that sensual side of hard rock out, with bluesy notes and BLACK SABBATH-esque riffs, it’s no surprise it’s got that sound to it. The album is brimming with stunning works of art and sets a high bar for the band’s future.

5. Only Death Is Real – Stray From The Path

Following on from 2015 and the mammoth that was Subliminal Criminals is STRAY FROM THE PATH and Only Death Is Real. The album unleashes a devastating blow of aggression and hearing the messages conveyed in the album there’s no wonder why there’s such anger. It speaks about the state of politics and how society is being changed for the worse, it speaks about the anger people feel because of what’s going on and with the state of what’s going on, it’s definitely led to one of their most aggressive and honest records.

4. You Are We – While She Sleeps

WHILE SHE SLEEPS have become iconic in the UK metal scene by capturing the hearts of many, You Are We is just another glimpse into how they do that. It’s overflowing with stunning melodies and anthems, but it does not detract from the growth in which the band display here. With their journey into becoming independent it has proven that this is the strongest the band have ever been, the Sheffield band are proving that they will continue to take over and if You Are We is anything to go by, they’ll have no problem.

3. The Dusk In Us – Converge

With a soul-destroying back catalogue the excitement for The Dusk In Us was of a high measure and it did not disappoint. It certainly feels a lot more mature in its sound but it’s still a chaotic explosion that CONVERGE are loved for, it consistently spits poison. When the chaos slows for the title track it explores the darker side of the band superbly and reigns it in with a beautiful control. The Dusk In Us is one of the strongest works from CONVERGE by their sheer ability to refine their sound and still be able to just lose every ounce of calm.

2. The Sin and the Sentence – Trivium

TRIVIUM have been dominating the metal scene for a fair few years now and while not all of their releases are enjoyed by fans, The Sin and the Sentence offers something everyone can enjoy. They have revisited parts of their part, carried on toward their future and mixed it together to create one of the best albums they have ever released. The return of Matt Heafy‘s growls also play a huge part in the true beauty in this record, it brings so much excitement and it highlights exactly that heavier side of TRIVIUM we all enjoy so much. The Sin and the Sentence is an absolute diamond and continues to establish why the band are so respected.

1.  Forever – Code Orange

2017 has seen a mammoth amount of records released and between the titans and young bands in heavy music CODE ORANGE have delivered the most crushing album of the year, Forever. It’s an album that contains so much attitude and angst, the ability it has to hold so much raw emotion is truly astonishing. Forever takes hardcore to a new level with all of its fury, it has built upon the bands unique sound that has set CODE ORANGE up for a magnitude of further deserving success. To be able to hold a top place position for an album that was released at the very beginning of the year with so much competition is something special.

And there we have it, the end of the 2017 top albums from Distorted Sound’s Editorial Team. Keep posted as we round off the year with the top albums of the year from our big team of contributors. This year has been overflowing at the seams with some incredible new albums from bands young and old and the competition to make it to the list has been fierce. Happy New Year and here’s to 2018!




Jessica Howkins

Co Editor-in-Chief for Distorted Sound Magazine, Music Journalism student.

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