Top 10 Albums of 2017 by Statues

New Year’s Eve looms and as 2017 draws to a close, we here at Distorted Sound are happy to present to you another Top 10 Albums of 2017 list! This time, we asked the guys in STATUES. This year has seen the Australian progressive hardcore quintet release their brand new album, No Grave, No Burial, which further showcases the immense talent from the land down under. So, it’s over to guitarist Scott Kay, drummer Matt Unkovich, vocalist Alex Shom and guitarist John Overthrow to give us their combined list of the best albums to drop this year. Take it away guys!

10. Epilogues for the End of the Sky – BVDUB

Scott: Crushing, yet beautifully nostalgic ambient music. The way Brock layers synths is nothing short of incredible, and this record hits emotional nerves in ways other records don’t.

9. Foreword – DISPERSE

Scott: A really awesome mix of atmospherics, prog rock, and fusion. This album has greater pop sensibility than their previous work, but also manages to push technical boundaries in guitar-playing too.

8. Clairvoyant – THE CONTORTIONIST

Matt U: THE CONTORTIONIST further refine their progressive rock sound with beautiful melodies, synths and catchier choruses on this album. The instrumental playing in comparison to older releases from the band has been simplified in Clairvoyant, but still played impressively. Experimentation and atmosphere and a strong sense of melody is what thrives with this band.

7. Nightclubbin’ 7’’ – HELTA SKELTA

Alex: I firmly believe that Perth has the best music scene in the country. Biased? Sure. But for a long time, we’ve been very consistent. HELTA SKELTA, man. This release is so solid, loving the UK punk vibes.

6. Hydrograd – STONE SOUR

Alex: I’ve always been a big fan of dirty rock music with good charisma. Not the best release STONE SOUR has done, but I spent a lot of my time this year revisiting old music – then these guys released a new album, and I enjoyed it.

5. Humanz – GORILLAZ

Alex: Well, it’s been a while since these guys did anything so of course I had to spin this album. Ah, it’s definitely not the GORILLAZ I’m used to – but it’s a sweet release that’s worth at least a few listens.

4. False Idol – VEIL OF MAYA

Matt U: This band delivered the goods again with False Idol. Instrumentally, the seamless transitions between grooves, fast sections and melodies throughout the album are energetic and beautifully crafted. As for the vocals, the lyrics and melodies from lead singles Overthrow and Whistleblower in particular are very memorable and fun to sing to. Overall, this album has plenty of replay value for those who seek heavy, fun times.

3. Wheelhouse – Greg Howe

John: This is a fusion guitarist at the top of his game, showing us how it’s done. This belter of a record has some big hooks to break up the shred and the whole band is killing it.

2. Antiphon – ALFA MIST

John: Vibes for days, incredible drumming and a great mix of hip-hop and jazz.

1. The Way Forward – INTERVALS

John: This album has no shortage of memorable and lyrical melodies, some interesting harmony and straight up precision playing. Great effort from Aaron Marshall and Owane who work super well together on this record. Check it out.

And there we have it? What did you think of their choices? Keep posted to Distorted Sound as we continue to bring you our recap of 2017 from now until December 31st!

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