TRACK REVIEW: Drones – Prognosis

The Manchester metal scene has enjoyed a period of explosive growth in recent years. Whilst death, thrash and black metal bands from the Northern powerhouse have been the focus point for the city’s metal scene, there hasn’t really been much of a focus towards the progressive side of the heavy metal spectrum. Until now. Enter PROGNOSIS. The four piece outfit have only been on the scene for a year and already there’s a buzz and now we see the release of their latest single, Drones. The track has been a staple of the band’s live set since the end of last year but the question is, how does the track hold up on record?

Air raid sirens open up the proceedings creating an atmosphere of impending doom before PROGNOSIS unleash a riff that is contagious from the offset. Complimented by intricate lead play, the balance of the two guitarists Phil Weller and Christian Hickson is a treat on the ears. As the track progresses the vocal deliveries of Danny Daemon are interesting in that of the style. Neither guttural or clean, the raspy growls provide PROGNOSIS with an interesting twist on the formula, giving them the cutting edge to the competition.

As the band progress through the track, the tempo and mood shift and to great effect. Clean vocals and a consistent rhythm take the focus as the band showcase their versatility before the mood shifts yet again, a chugging riff builds anticipation before the the listener is dazzled with a truly impressive solo. Whilst it is utterly impressive in regards to the technique, it doesn’t detract from the excellent drumming of Dan Webster who never breaks stride in keeping the rhythm flowing.

To conclude, Drones is a masterstroke of a single. To say that PROGNOSIS have only been on the scene for a year, their ability, musicianship and originality must be applauded. What the band have crafted is an excellent single, one that can firmly trade blows with big players in the progressive metal scene. And whilst the listener will yearn for more, Drones only gives us an insight into what PROGNOSIS can do. Mark our words, this is a band that have the potential to go on to big things.

Rating: 9/10

Drones - Prognosis

Drones is out now via self-release. To purchase the single visit the band’s official Bandcamp page

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