TRACK REVIEW: Fracture – Everyday Sidekicks

Riff trickery and throat ripping screams are evident on the new single Fracture by Bristol band EVERYDAY SIDEKICKS.

It’s intense and seriously compelling, crafted by a post-hardcore act that know how to shape songs that serve a euphoric burst of energy. And on this release, there’s a sense of disenchantment that lingers prominently in the lyrics, words that are written with verve and true angst. The riffs are supreme too, imaginative and played with velocity, sustaining the thunderous growls that will wake up a sleeping mind. Also, we’re given clean vocals amidst the drama, vocals that truly strike a chord, that merge together brilliantly with wordplay that dazzles with its openness and bluntness. On this fresh contribution, EVERYDAY SIDEKICKS don’t hold back, they generate their feelings through an empowering sound.

Everyday Sidekicks - Fracture

Rating: 8/10

Fracture is set for release on July 22nd