Versive release new music video for ‘Blind’

VERSIVE have released a brand new music video!

The new music video is for the band’s latest single Blind, which was released earlier this year. The single was produced by FOUR YEAR STRONG‘s Alan Day following the band’s tour with FOUR YEAR STRONG earlier this year. Speaking about the track, the band says, “this is a song that has been kicking around for a while, but never quite came together. When we got [FOUR YEAR STRONG’s] Alan Day on board to produce it, his input really helped bring it to life. Lyrically, this song is intended as a bit of a takedown of people who blindly believe in anything at the expense of facts and empathy. Primarily with regard to religion and faith – but it could just as easily apply to media, politics, or any area of life where people are happy to remain wilfully ignorant of the reality that surrounds them. People who are so caught up in their beliefs they fail to think of how their actions and outlook impact others.”

Watch the official music video for Blind here:

Blind - Versive

Blind is out now via Scylla Records.

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