Sun Arcana release new music video for ‘Oxygen’

SUN ARCANA have released a new music video!

The new music video, for the track Oxygen, is the latest single from the UK outfit and speaking about the new song and video, vocalist/guitarist Tom Harper-Ward says, “we have had this song written for a while now. It started off as more of a ballad and it was also originally about 7 minutes long, so we never thought it was going to make it as a single. Our producer Chris really helped us turn it into more of a listenable song and get the sound that we never thought the song could achieve. Shooting the video for this song was fun. We shot it with Rolling Vision again, who had some great ideas to fit in well with the song. The actors we worked with were fantastic and did an amazing job at portraying the characters. We were all cracking up though because one of the lines Piers shouted at Kyle was Grow Up and the phrase reminded us of inbetweeners. Its been a joke of ours ever since (it’s the little things that matter).”

Watch the official music video for Oxygen here:

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