Winds of Plague announce new album ‘Blood Of My Enemy’

WINDS OF PLAGUE have announced a brand new album!

The new album, titled Blood Of My Enemy, arrives four years after 2013’s Resistance and is scheduled to be released in October this year. Speaking about the new album, vocalist Johnny Plague says, “over a year ago I started making weekly trips up to a small apartment in North Hollywood on my days off to work on music for WINDS OF PLAGUE with Noah Sebastian from BAD OMENS. It was strange at first since past WINDS OF PLAGUE records were worked on in larger recording studio’s or rehearsal spaces and now here I am sitting on the floor of this bedroom working on record number six. Although it was different and humbling it proved to be the unedited creative environment we needed for this record. We had no time limits, no ‘suits’ giving their input. It was just a few friends sitting in a room together, having a good time creating music. Something I haven’t been able to experience in a very long time. Sometimes to move forward you have to take a few steps back. I can confidently say this is the most satisfied I have been with a WINDS OF PLAGUE record. I feel producer’s Noah Sebastian and Joakim Karlsson have helped us to further develop our unique approach to symphonic deathcore with distinct epic orchestral backed chorus’s walking the fine line of brutal and melodic.”

Alongside the announcement of the new album, the band have released a music video for the first single from the upcoming album; titled Never Alone. Speaking about the track and video, Johnny Plague continues, Never Alone was actually one of the first songs written for this record and immediately became the balance point for the remaining songs that were to be written. It’s not the heaviest song of the record and it isn’t the most melodic song of the record. I wanted this to be the first taste of the new album because I feel it best represents the new music showcasing both the dark symphonic arrangements and the vast range of vocal styles used on the record. I have always used WINDS OF PLAGUE music videos as an opportunity to create cinematic shorts. Never Alone is no different. We partnered with Enlighten Creative Studio‘s to tell the story of a misunderstood woman who has harnessed her inner demons to her advantage. I design and produce haunted attractions for my career so it’s always fun when I can bring my two worlds together to create these videos.”

Watch the official music video for Never Alone here:

Blood Of My Enemy - Winds of Plague

Blood Of My Enemy is set for release on October 27th via eOne/SPV.

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