Windswept release new single ‘Blinding and Bottomless Abyss Is Howling’

Black metal outfit WINDSWEPT have released a brand new track!

The band, serving as a new project from DRUDKH‘s Roman Sayenko, takes influence from the harsh nature of the Eastern winter steppes and now the band have released the first track from their upcoming debut record. Titled Blinding and Bottomless Abyss Is Howling the track is taken from the upcoming record titled The Great Cold Steppe. The album was recorded in just three days without rehearsals and based on improvisation with the instruments and vocals to replicate the raw and grit of a live performance.

Listen to Blinding and Bottomless Abyss Is Howling here:

Alongside the release of the new track, the band have also revealed the track list and artwork for the upcoming album. Both of which are available to view below:

Track List:

1. Black Horizon Is the Gates of a Blizzard
2. Shrouded in Pale Shining, So Sleeps Infinite Ancient Steppe
3. The Stars Are Cold and Indifferent, Sow Their Gleaming Ashes
4. The Great Shepherd Rides His Storms
5. Blinding and Bottomless Abyss Is Howling
6. A Spiteful Wind Buries All the Lonely Whispers

The Great Cold Steppe - Windswept

The Great Cold Steppe is set for release on March 31st via Season of Mist.

For more information on WINDSWEPT like their official page on Facebook.