ALBUM REVIEW: Dreams In Splendid Black – Path of Destiny

Dreams in Splendid Black is PATH OF DESTINY’s second full length album. They started in 2007 and had released their first album in 2010, Rise and Fall, their music has improved to more memorable sound even though they had not steered away from their original formula, but just improved it.  6 years in between those albums some would say it’s a long time but there is an EP, Praise the God, with 6 songs that was done in 2012. So they starting to have a fair amount of solid music that’s a melodic death metal.

The Awakening is a 1 minute 40 second intro track, just a nice subtle intro to build up the sound, instead of just throwing the listener into the album, which is a nice touch. And as soon as the rather calm intro is done we are thrown to the fast paced Invocation. Full of enjoyable melodies in fast thrashy sounds, there is a lot of going on in between slower parts, and its done really well .

Then we go to next song Embers, this song has quite a similar sound to the previous song but have a bit more of orchestral elements incorporated and parts that really want to make you headbang. Reign of the Ravenous is another fun track with a good speed and solid chorus, with the lyrics resembling that of doom, it balances this with a more upbeat vibe with the melodic segments.

The Fire-Lit Shadow (The Shadow I Am), is the fifth track on the record and the most stand out part is the transition from a darker tone, into the folk elements at the chorus which works very well. The track’s conclusion features an explosive epic end which adds depth to the track.

Dreams in Splendid Black starts with a music box that has been wound, playing subtle soft sounds before the guitars come in to take over. The song in itself is rather fast and it has a really punchy and thrashy feel. Two Steps to Eternity is yet another faster paced track on the album and whilst the whole album varies in pace, PATH OF DESTINY pull it off brilliantly because the melody of the songs are so great and easy on the ear.

By Within the Void, you should have learned what the album is about, and be able to sit back and continue listening to the music that they have created. I, Ascending from Ashes, Age of Conqueror and Death’s Dominion are the same, equally great songs that follow through really well and finish the album with great sounding riffs, melodies and well written lyrics.

In honesty, PATH OF DESTINY keep well to the formula that they have created for themselves. There are hints of doom, black, melodic, symphonic, thrash and even folk metal; combining them brilliantly into each song to create a solid melodic death metal album with all of those influences keeping the genre fresh and engaging. Every song is different enough and yet fits into the album as one whole, fans of melodic death metal will certainly not be disappointed.

Rating: 8/10



Dreams in Splendid Black is out now via Apostasy Records