ALBUM REVIEW: New Beginnings – Radio Moscow

It’s been a while since the three piece hailing from Iowa released their last studio album Magical Dirt but fear not as RADIO MOSCOW are due to unveil their fifth studio effort in the form of New Beginnings due for release on September 29th via Century Media Records.

With many bands of this generation striving to push the boundaries of musical understanding RADIO MOSCOW are quite happy reminiscing and paying homage to the nostalgic vibe of the 60’s and 70’s with their energetic bursts of bluesy rock guaranteed to get your blood pumping. Opening track New Beginning does just that jumping into Sabbath style grooves whilst welcoming you with the gritty, powerful vocals of frontman and founding member Parker Griggs. Deceiver continues the upbeat distortion dowsed tones incorporating some quirky jazz influenced riffs as the bass drum hits you right in the chest.

Woodrose Morning brings a relaxing vibe with its brief instrumental interlude before kicking into the infectious beats of Driftin’. If you didn’t know any better you would think that No One Know Where They’ve Been could have been composed by Hendrix himself, packed full of intricate guitarwork and infectious bass lines it really shines as one of the highlights of the album.

Last To Know maintains the high levels of adrenaline which flows right into the rich chunky bass lines and psychedelic mood of New Skin. Aptly named Pacing possess a more methodical, straight forward rhythm before Pick Up The Pieces slows the stride down with its chilled but utterly captivating tones. Just as your heart rate starts to simmer down Dreams brings the high octane tempo right back to the forefront ending the album with a bang containing some rather intriguingly dark qualities which you begin to wish frequented the earlier arrangements adding that extra level of edginess.

RADIO MOSCOW‘s vintage sound really provides a sense of nostalgia and they would most certainly be appreciated in a festival environment. You could really imagine them tearing up the 80’s festivals of yesteryear like Woodstock. It’s just a shame that despite a few bands really harnessing this style to full effect such as CLUTCH and RIVAL SONS that it is becoming more of an underappreciated artform. New Beginnings is a solid slab of feel good tracks which are immediately accessible for any music fan and there is plenty on show to appreciate, to some however it may be considered a tried and tested method which has already been perfected many moons ago.


Rating: 8/10

New Beginnings - Radio Moscow

New Beginnings is set for release on September 29th via Century Media Records.

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